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We are a local church ministry partnering with other local church ministries around the globe to effect positive change.


What if I told you there was a buried treasure, a treasure that measures beyond the value of gold or diamonds. A treasure that has the potential to expand and grow, and produce even more value. This treasure, too often over looked and too rarely unearthed, is closer than you think. It’s God given, and its purpose is so big that it will change lives to the very core. Are you willing to help find this buried treasure?


We believe justice simply means righting wrongs.  People in the developing world have just as much potential as those in the first world.  They are just as talented, just as intelligent, have excellent personalities, and carry the potential for greatness.  The difference is that they are limited by circumstances beyond their control.  Global Reach for Justice, is doing what it can to eliminate the limitations brought on by poverty, war, famine, and corruption so the potential of people can be produced.