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Our work is producing potential in the people of each nation to which we travel. We firmly believe that the nationals have greater influence and ability to reach and help their own people.  As a result, we continually build relationships with pastors and leaders. We currently have relationships in Rwanda, Uganda, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and South Africa.  Global Reach for Justice comes along side helping them lead, develop, and overcome the limitations that face them.



We know that the most powerful tool for change is good leadership. GR4J helps leaders learn to lead and to build other leaders. 


We want the spreading of the Gospel to continue through making disciples and developing them to reach others.


We focus our efforts in meeting the physical needs helping them overcome the limitations around them. We resource them by helping provide food, education, and clothing.
Success has never been accomplished alone. It takes somebody to lead, train, and help. We want to be that somebody.


– Build another Hope Center in Kampong Cham, Cambodia

– Build a classroom addition to a school in Uganda

– Buy a rice field for our Hope Center in Cambodia, to help empower them towards being more self sustaining.

– Help with building projects and outreach to the poor in Cambodia with New Life Fellowship of Churches

– Help to build a sports outreach complex in Gehanga, Rwanda

– Buy supplies, sponsor education, clothes, toiletries, food, and  medical care for the orphans at our Hope Center in Cambodia