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We’ve seen major potential in the lives of people, especially children, in the developing world. However, things like poverty, war, disease, famine, and their own limited thinking is holding their potential in check.  Our goal at Global Reach for Justice is to produce the potential of people in developing nations. To help identify and then develop that potential, helping them to become everything they were created to be. By becoming a partner with Global Reach for Justice, you become a difference maker. Together we can eliminate some of the things that are holding them back from living a life to its full potential. Together we are better.


1. GO

Partner with us by becoming a Reach Team member and going on one of our short term missions trip.


Partner with us by becoming a monthly financial partner by commiting to give $25, $35, or $55 a month. Your money will fund the ongoing monthly ministry of Global Reach For Justice. Including long-term missionary support, monthly project support, child sponsorships and staff support.  


Partner with us by becoming a prayer partner. Commit to praying for our trips, team members, project funding, and the Pastors & Leaders in each nation.
Don’t lead what you can’t do interfere with what you can do — John Wooden


• In coordination with Joyce Meyers Ministries & Church of the Harvest, we have built three multi-use facilities in Cambodia called Hope Centers.    

• In partnership with Watoto church and Watoto child care ministries, we have built six classrooms and a dorm in Uganda, Africa.

• We have conducted medical clinics in Kigali, Rwanda.

• Over the last decade, we have taught and trained thousands of leaders in Rwanda & Cambodia.

• The orphans in our Kampong Cham, Cambodia Hope Centers have received clothes, toiletries, school supplies, transportation and assistance with building projects on an annual basis.

• In the communities of Kibuye, Gehanga, and Kigali, Rwanda, we have helped to fund churches and outreach projects.

• Hundreds of children in  Cambodia have benefited from the feeding programs in which we have participated over multiple years.

• We have given supplies and ministry in partnership with New Life Fellowship of Churches in Cambodia to those trapped in the slums of the capital city.

• We have funded clean water projects.

• In Kampong Cham, Cambodia, we conducted a three day conference and concert attended by 10,000 each night, for a total of 30,000 people in attendance, and 7,500 decisions for Christ were made.